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NCERT Solutions For Class 9

For Class 9 CBSE, NCERT books are the best to refer because the CBSE Board exams are based on them. Here at Champstreet, we have all the Class 9th CBSE NCERT solutions available for free,  prepared by subject experts, especially for you with a blend of sincerity and accuracy for both Maths and Science. Our solutions consist of a detailed explanation to each question along with extreme lucidity keeping in mind that even if the basic terms have not struck your mind, they will surely do after you review these.


So, explore through our class 9 NCERT solutions for both Maths and Science, chapter-wise, to receive clarity towards the solutions to CBSE Text book questions, and the method to present it in an effective way.


Go on, Explore these and you will know how prepared we are to make you ace your exams this year. Relax! We won’t let you down.

FREE NCERT Solutions For Class 9

PHYSICS - Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
Force and Laws of Motion Circles
Gravitation Constructions
Motion Coordinate Geometry
Sound Heron's Formula
Thrust and Pressure Introduction to Euclid's Geometry
Work and Energy Linear Equations in Two Variables
CHEMISTRY - Lines and Angles
Matter in Our Surroundings Number System
Is Matter Around Us Pure Polynomials
Atoms and Molecules Probability
Structure of the Atom Quadrilaterals
BIOLOGY Statistics
Cell-The Fundamental Unit of Life Surface Areas and Volumes
Diversity in Living Organisms Triangles
Improvement in Food Resources
Natural Resources
Why Do We Fall Ill