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NCERT Solutions For Class 10

The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts 10th Board Exams every year and millions of children write the exam. CBSE asserts the importance of NCERT textbook questions in order to excel through the exams. According to them, the Class 10 NCERT Textbooks contain all the important information that is required to ace the exam.


Our subject experts consumed a lot of time to prepare the precise and error-free Class 10 CBSE NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science. The solutions have been framed in a language as per the NCERT textbooks pattern,  formulated in the easiest method possible, making it easier to understand.


Various links have been provided below, categorized into different chapters of the NCERT textbooks that fall under the two subjects Maths and Science.


Excelling in Boards will not be a difficult task anymore if these Class 10 NCERT solutions are reviewed with proper sincerity.

FREE NCERT Solutions For Class 10

PHYSICS - Real Numbers
Light - Reflection and Refraction Polynomials
Human Eye and Colourful World Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Electricity Quadratic Equations
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Arithmetic Progressions
Sources of Energy Triangles
CHEMISTRY - Co-ordinate Geometry
Chemical Reactions and Equations Introduction to Trigonometry
Acids Bases and Salts Applications of Trigonometry
Metals and Non-metals Circles
Carbon and its Compounds Constructions
Periodic Classification of Elements Areas Related to Circles
BIOLOGY - Surface Areas and Volumes
Life Processes Statistics
Control and Coordination Probability
How Do Organisms Reproduce
Heredity and Evolution
Our Environment
Management of Natural Resources