Features Of Champstreet


Visual organisation is the best tool for visual memory and memory recall. All chapters come with very well explanative topic wise videos you will love to watch and learn.

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Concept Map

The topics, concepts and their relationship are represented in the form of a concept map. This helps to understand and integrate information visually.

Essential Points

Important points, key words and definitions that the students are expected to know by the time they finish assimilating the chapter.

True and False

In these types of questions, a statement or formula is given and the student is expected to write whether it is ‘True’ or ‘False’.

Fill in the blanks

A quick and important part of learning and recalling, fill in the blanks help to practice and recall the statements, keywords, terms, units, values etc.


A quick recap of the chapter in an interesting mcq format. The easy to mark questions can be enjoyed in a unique and fun way.

Study Material

A wonderful compilation of reference content that explains the concepts and topics in detail. It helps in enriching the knowledge and understanding the concepts clearly.

Solved Examples

Descriptive type questions to help you practice all topics of the chapter in a wholesome manner.

Very Short Answer

The 1 marker question where the answer is answered in a word, a sentence or a phrase.

Short Answer

The 2-3 marker questions which are expected to be answered in 3 or 4 lines. These questions cover the course in a more specific and definite method.

Long Answer

The 4-5 marker descriptive pen and paper lengthy answer type questions, help to practice selecting, organising and writing relevant facts in an answer.

Progress Check

Objective self-assessment in mcq type format, wherein you can check how well you can recall what you have learnt.


Enhance your thinking skills and test your own knowledge through questions based on ‘Assertion and Reason’, ‘Comprehension’ and ‘Match the following’.

Super Seven

A test of wit and wisdom and a challenge to get 7 questions correct successively.

NCERT Questions

Solutions of all NCERT Maths and Science book questions to help you learn to present your solution in the most appropriate way.

Exemplar MCQ

A more thorough multiple-choice questions for competitive exams practice, which help you to understand a given topic and to concentrate on a test.

Exemplar True and False

The Traditional format of true and false questions help you analyse the questions in a quick and easy method.

Exemplar Fill in the blanks

The questions have been set so that you can easily type in your answers. They help reduce guessing and promote specific knowledge.

Exemplar Subjective

This type of question enables a student to estimate their depth of understanding thorough pen and paper type 4-5 marker practice questions.

Exemplar Short Answer

Analyses the basic knowledge of terms and facts about a subject and challenges the student on a wider breadth of 2-3 marker questions of a subject.

Exemplar Long Answer

These pen and paper questions in Maths for classes 9 & 10 are the 5 marker HOTS, to help you stay ahead and score high.