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NCERT Solutions For Class 10 SCIENCE

Class 10 Science NCERT book contains several terms that are difficult to remember. Also, while writing the board examination, you are required to be aware of all the important topics of each chapter. Hence, in reference to the previous year papers of Class 10 boards, our subject experts have carefully observed the exam pattern and the ideal answers recorded by CBSE. Hence, solutions were drafted strictly as per the class 10 Science NCERT textbook.


The class 10 Science NCERT solutions have been laid down by the subject experts, keeping in mind the right method to write an individual answer referring only class 10 Science NCERT book.


In order to help surfing through the solutions easily, we have categorized different chapters of the class 10 Science NCERT book as per their respective domains namely Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.


You can click on the desired link below and explore through the class 10 Science NCERT solutions that have been constructed according to the latest CBSE syllabus and board exam pattern along with a detailed explanation to each question of each chapter.

FREE NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Science

Light - Reflection and Refraction
Human Eye and Colourful World
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Sources of Energy
Chemical Reactions and Equations
Acids Bases and Salts
Metals and Non-metals
Carbon and its Compounds
Periodic Classification of Elements
Life Processes
Control and Coordination
How Do Organisms Reproduce
Heredity and Evolution
Our Environment
Management of Natural Resources