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  • Live One-to-One Classes
  • Concept Building Classes
  • Concept Clearing through Solved Examples
  • Doubt Solving & Homework Help
  • Tests, Quiz and Worksheets
  • Analysis Report
  • Personlized Attention
  • Expert Content
  • Self Schedule

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Champstreet Maths Online Tuition

Personalized Attention & Learning

Champstreet's Maths Online Tuition is conducted in Live 1-to-1 Classroom mode. It is completely interactive. Concepts are explained using electronic media and software white board. Students can ask their doubts anytime.

Prepare for a chapter or multiple chapters just before assessments and exams. One-to-One Maths tuitions always provide better results than One-to-Many Maths Tuition.

Personalized Learning

Flexible and designed to deliver results

Every student has unique learning requirements. So we offer flexibility to select the frequency of classes in a week. Take upto 5 Math classes in a week to quickly cover a chapter just before a test or an assessment.

Select Days and Time of Classes as per your choice/convenience.

Champstreet's Maths Online Tuitions provide Wow learning experience which compliments school learning.

Our Classes are structured to help you Learn, Practice, Ask, Test, Revise

Classes are structured to help students not just learn concepts but also practice, ask doubts, test and revise them.

Unique learning path based on student's ability.

exam preparation

A 360 degree Learning System

  1. Concept Building Classes - 1-to-1 Interactive - Concepts are explained by expert teacher with the help of electronic material with rich visuals and storytelling.
  2. Solved Examples - Focus will be on doing different kinds of problems to help you understand the concepts.
  3. Doubt Solving - Don’t let your Doubt’s remain unsolved. Ask your teacher in one-to-one session and solve doubt instantly.
  4. Tests, Quizzes & Worksheets - Comprehensive learning with tests, quizzes, worksheets and detailed analysis.
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