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NCERT Solutions For Class 7

Hurray! Now you can access class 7 CBSE NCERT solutions in just one click. Here at Champstreet, you will find accurate answers to all the chapters that are included in class 7 NCERT books for both Maths and Science.

The solutions have been designed by experts according to the latest class 7 Math and Science CBSE syllabus. They have been specially formulated to make you aware of the different concepts required for different kinds of questions. They will not only help you solve textbook questions of Class 7 NCERT, but they will guide you to answer the questions in an appropriate way.

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FREE NCERT Solutions For Class 7

PHYSICS - Integers
Light Fraction and Decimal Numbers
Electric Current and its Effects Data Handling
Heat Simple Equations
Motion and Time Lines and Angles
Wind Storms and Cyclones The Triangles and its Properties
CHEMISTRY - Congruence of Triangles
Acids Bases and Salts Comparing Quantities
Physical and Chemical Changes Rational Numbers
BIOLOGY - Perimeter and Area
Nutrition in Plants Algebraic Expressions
Nutrition in Animals Exponents and Power
Fibre to Fabric Symmetry
Weather, Climate and Adaptations Visualising Solid Shapes
Respiration in Organisms
Transportation in Animals and Plants
Reproduction in Plants
Water - A Precious Resource
Forests - Our Lifeline
Wastewater Story