Geography - Class 8

Resources and Development

Chapter 1: Resources

Question 1:Answer the following questions.

(i) Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?

Answer:The distribution of resources is unequal because it depends upon number of physical factors like terrain, climate and altitude. All these factors are different from place to place on the earth.

(ii) What is resource conservation?

Answer:Resource conservation is the proper utilisation of resources and protection of valuable resources such as trees minerals wildlife water and others. Thus, reducing the overall consumption and wastage of resources.

(iii) Why are human resources important?

Answer:People can make the best use of nature to create more resources with their knowledge skills and technology. That is why, human resources are important. Education and health help in making people of valuable resource.

(iv) What is sustainable development?

Answer:Conserving the resources for the future and balancing the need to use the resources is called sustainable development.

Question 2:Tick the correct answer.

(i) Which one of the following does NOT make substance a resource?

(a) utility

(b) value

(c) quantity

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(ii) Which one of the following is a human made resource?

(a) medicines to treat cancer

(b) spring water

(c) tropical forests

(iii) Complete the statement.

Non-renewable resources are

(a) those which have limited stock

(b) made by human beings

(c) derived from non-living things


(i). (c) quantity

(ii). (a) medicines to treat cancer

(iii). (a) those which have limited stock


“Rahiman paani raakhiye,
Bin paani sab soon.
Paani gaye na ubere
Moti, manus, choon…”
[Says Rahim, keep water, as without water there is nothing. Without water pearl, swan and dough cannot exist. ]
These lines were written by the poet Abdur Rahim Khankhana, one of the nine gems of Akbar’s court. What kind of resource is the poet referring to?
Write in 100 words what would happen if this resource disappeared?

Answer:The natural resource that the poet is referring is the water. It is one of the most important resource of life. Life cannot exist without water. All the living organisms including plants, animals and human beings cannot survive without water. Water is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing. Water is also used for irrigation and agriculture. Now a days water is also used for generating electricity. Water is used in all sectors of the life, from personal life to agricultural sectors, industrial sectors etc. No form of life is possible without water.

For Fun:

Question 1:Pretend that you live in the prehistoric times on a high windy plateau. What are the uses you and your friends could put the fast winds to? Can you call the wind a resource?
Now imagine that you are living in the same place in the year 2138. Can you put the winds to any use? How? Can you explain why the wind is an important resource now?

Answer:We could have used the winds to sail boats for transportation. No, we couldn’t have considered wind as a resource because of the lack of the knowledge about the use of wind.
In the year 2138, wind can become the most essential resource for human being. It can be used for generating electricty and power in a large scale.
Wind is an important resource because:

  • Wind power is the most efficient technology to produce energy in a safe and sustainable manner.
  • Efficient use of electricity created by wind energy contributes to sustainable development.
  • It reduces the use of fossil fuels, which are the origin of greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.
  • Wind energy does not emit toxic substances into the air.
  • Wind energy does not generate waste or contaminated water.

Question 2:Pick up a stone, a leaf, a paper straw and a twig. Think of how you can use these as resources. See the example given below and get creative!

You can use a stone... Use/Utility
To play stapu toy
As a paper-weight tool
To crush spices tool
To decorate your garden/room decoration piece
To open a bottle tool

You can use a leaf... Use/Utility
To cover ourselves clothes
To serve food plates
To cure injuries medicines

You can use a paper straw Use/Utility
To consume beverages drinking
Flow of water or any liquid pipes
Straw garland Decoration

You can use a twig Use/Utility
To make furniture furniture
To make baskets baskets
To support plants branches

Intext Questions

Question : Think of a few renewable resources and mention how their stock may get affected by overuse.

Answer: Some renewable resources are water, soil ,forests. Careless use of these can affect the stock like scarcity of water, infertility of soil and deforestation.

Question : Make a list of five human made resources that you can observe around you.

Answer: School buildings, roads, vehicles, bridges and machinery.

Question :List out five resources you use in your home and five you use in your classroom.

Answer: In home: Air, water, land, electricity, sunlight.

In classroom: Air, wood, metals, electricity, chalks and chalkboards.


Question :Circle those resources from Amma’s list that are regarded as having no commercial value

    Amma’s list: 
    Cotton cloth
    Iron ore
    Medicinal plants
    Medical knowledge
    Coal deposits
    Agricultural land
    Clean environment
    Old folk songs
    Good weather
    A good singing voice
    Grandmother’s home remedies
    Affection from
    friends and family
    Beautiful scenery
Answers: Intelligence, Medical knowledge, Clean environment, Old folk songs, Good weather, Resourcefulness, A good singing voice, Grandmother’s home remedies, Affection from friends and family.