NCERT English - Class 8

Honeydew (Prose)

Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

Comprehension Check

Page 89

Question 1: What had happened to Jody’s father?

Answer: Jody’s father had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

Question 2: How did the doe save Penny’s life?

Answer: The doe’s liver and heart were used to draw out the poison from Penny.

Question 3: Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

Answer: Jody wanted to bring the fawn home because he felt that they had killed the doe for their purpose and the fawn had been orphaned for no fault of its own. He kept thinking about the hungry and scared fawn. He felt that it was their responsibility to take care of the fawn or else it would starve to death.

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Question 4: How does Jody know that the fawn is a male?

Answer: Jody knew that the fawn was a male because the spots on its body were all in a line. His father had told him that on the body of a doe-fawn, the spots are in different directions.

Comprehension Check

Page 90

Question 1: Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?

Answer: Jody did not want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. One reason was that if the fawn was dead or could not be found, he did not want him to see his disappointment. The second reason was that if they found the fawn, then the meeting would be so lovely and secret that he could not endure to share it.

Question 2: Why was Mill-wheel afraid to leave Jody alone?

Answer: Mill-wheel did not want to leave Jody alone as he was afraid that Jody could lose his way or get bitten by a snake.

Comprehension Check

Page 93

Question 1: How did Jody bring the fawn back home?

Answer: Jody did not want to scare the fawn away. That is why he first stroked its neck slowly, and then put his arms around it. Then, he picked it up and carried it through the thick bushes. He tried to shield its face from the sharp vines. He stopped to rest on his way home. On walking a little, he saw the fawn following him. After this, he would either carry the fawn, or put it down so that it would follow him by itself. When they reached home, it refused to climb the stairs. He then picked it up and took it inside the house.

Question 2: Jody was filled with emotion after he found the fawn. Can you find at least three words or phrases which show how he felt?

Answer: Jody was filled with emotion after he found the fawn. When he stroked its neck, the touch made him ‘delirious’. When he realised that it was his fawn now, he was ‘light-headed with his joy’. When he finally brought the fawn into the house, Penny thought that “the boy’s eyes were as bright as the fawn’s”.

Question 3: How did the deer drink milk form the gourd?

Answer: The deer drank the milk from Jody’s hands. When Jody gave milk to the fawn in a gourd, it butted it suddenly, smelling the milk and not knowing what to do with the milk in the gourd. It was then that Jody dipped his fingers in the milk and pushed them into the fawn’s soft wet mouth so that it would drink the milk.

Question 4: Why didn’t the fawn follow Jody up the steps as he had thought it would?

Answer: The deer is a wild animal. It is used to a life in the forest. When the fawn reached Jody’s home, it did not follow Jody up the steps because of the strangeness of the house and the steps and everything. This is similar to its reaction to the milk in the gourd. It simply did not know what to do.

Working with Text

Question 1: Why did Penny Baxter allow Jody to go find the fawn and raise it?

Answer: Penny allowed Jody to go find the fawn and raise it because it seemed ungrateful to him to leave the fawn to starve. He agreed with Jody that they had killed the doe for their purpose and the fawn was orphaned for no fault of its own. They could not let the fawn starve. They felt a responsibility towards it.

Question 2: Why did Doc Wilson mean when he said, “Nothing in the world ever comes quite free”?

Answer: Penny had killed the doe to save his life. Therefore, in regard for what the doe had done, its fawn needed to be taken care of and saved from starvation. This was what Doc Wilson meant when he said that nothing in the world came for free.

Question 3: How did Jody look after the fawn, after he accepted the responsibility for doing this?

Answer: After Jody accepted the responsibility for looking after the fawn, he cared for it like its own mother would. While taking it home, he shielded its face from the sharp vines. He carried it in his arms even though he was tired. On reaching home, he gave it the milk that was meant for him. When he saw that the fawn did not drink the milk kept in the gourd, he fed it with his own hands. Hence, one can say that Jody carried out his responsibility quite well.

Question 4: How does Jody’s mother react when she hears that he is going to bring the fawn home? Why does she react in this way?

Answer: When Jody’s mother heard that he was going to bring the fawn home, she was a little surprised and asked Jody what fawn he was talking about. He then told her that it was the fawn whose mother they had killed to save Penny. She said they had nothing else to feed it and only the milk they gave him could be given to it. She reacted this way because she was not present at the site where Penny had been bitten, where they had killed the doe. She had not seen the fawn and therefore, was not as concerned as Penny and Jody.

Working with Language

Question 1: Here are some questions in direct speech. Put them into reported speech.
(i) Penny said, “Do you really want it son?”
(ii) Mill-wheel said, “Will he ride back with me?”
(iii) He said to Mill-wheel, “Do you think the fawn is still there?”
(iv) He asked Mill-wheel, “Will you help me find him?”
(v) He said, “Was it up here that Pa got bitten by the snake?”

(i) Penny asked his son if he really wanted it.
(ii) Mill-wheel asked if he would ride back with him.
(iii) He asked Mill-wheel if he thought the fawn was still there.
(iv) He asked Mill-wheel if he would help him find him.
(v) He asked if it was up there that Pa had got bitten by the snake.

Question 2: Say whether the verb in each sentence below is transitive or intransitive. Ask yourself a ‘what’ question about the verb. (For some verbs, the object is a person, so ask the question ‘who’ instead of ‘what’).
(i) Jody then went to the kitchen.
(ii) The fawn wobbled after him
(iii) You found him.
(iv) He picked it up.
(v) He dipped his fingers in the milk.
(vi) It bleated frantically and butted him.
(vii) The fawn sucked his fingers.
(viii) He lowered his fingers slowly into the milk.
(ix) It stamped its small hoofs impatiently.
(x) He held his fingers below the level of the milk.
(xi) The fawn followed him.
(xii) He walked all day.
(xiii) He stroked its sides.
(xiv) The fawn lifted its nose.
(xv) Its legs hung limply.

(i) Intransitive
(ii) Intransitive
(iii) Transitive
(iv) Transitive
(v) Transitive
(vi) Intransitive, Transitive
(vii) Transitive
(viii) Transitive
(ix) Transitive
(x) Transitive
(xi) Transitive
(xii) Intransitive
(xiii) Transitive
(xiv) Transitive
(xv) Intransitive

Question 3: SHere are some words from the lesson. Working in groups, arrange them in the order in which they would appear in the dictionary. Write down some idioms and phrasal verbs connected to these words. Use the dictionary for more idioms and phrasal verbs.

The order in which they would appear in the dictionary is:
Clearing, Close, Draw, Light, Make, Parted, Pick, Scrawny, Sweet, Wonder.

Some idioms and phrasal verbs connected to these words are as given below:
Clearing: clearing up, clearing the decks.
Close: close shave, close ranks, close up.
Draw: draw attention, draw a blank, draw back.
Light: come to light, light headed, light upon.
Make: make good, make the most of, make out.
Parted: parted company, parted with.
Pick: pick and choose, pick a lock, pick on, pick up.
Scrawny: scrawny fingers, scrawny outfit, scrawny legs.
Sweet: sweet tooth, sweet nothings, sweet smell.
Wonder: do wonders, wonder world, wonder about.