NCERT English - Class 7

Honeycomb (Poem)

Chapter 7: Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Working with the Poem

Question 1:

Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?


Dad was sure that he would not fall as he thought he was a good climber and that climbing a tree was a child’s play.

Question 2:

Describe Plan A and its consequences.


In plan A, Dad took out a ladder from the garden shed and placed it against the tree. However, it slipped and he landed on the flower bed.

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Question 3:

Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best?


The phrase in the poem that expresses Dad’s self confidence the best is ‘Child’s play, this is!’

Question 4:

Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?


Plan C was a success as Dad managed to climb the wall without falling. However, when he leaped on to the tree, he landed right where the cat was stuck. This frightened the cat and it jumped from the tree and landed safely on the ground. Hence, the cat was free and the plan was a success. However, what went wrong was that now Dad was stuck on the tree at the same place.

Question 5:

The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea.


The phrase used to express the mentioned idea is ‘Pleased as punch to be safe and sound’.

Question 6:

Describe the Cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.


In the beginning of the poem, the cat was stuck on the tree and Dad was on the ground. However, at the end of the poem, the situation was totally reversed with Dad stuck on the tree and the cat free on the ground.

Question 7:

Why and when did Dad say each of the following?

(i) Fall?

(ii) Never mind

(iii) Funny joke

(iv) Rubbish


(i) Dad said so when he was about to climb the tree for the first time and his wife asked him to be careful and not fall.

(ii) Dad said so when he fell off the ladder as it slipped and he landed on the flower bed. He said so while brushing off dirt from his hair, face, trousers, and shirt.

(iii) Dad said so when he went ahead to try plan B and his wife asked him to not fall again.

(iv) Dad said so when during plan B, the branch on which he swung himself up broke and he fell down heavily and as a result, his wife asked him to stop as he would break his neck.

Question 8:

Do you find the poem humorous? Read aloud lines which make you laugh.


The poem is humorous as the situation gets completely reversed at the end of the poem. Dad, who was set to free the cat as it was stuck on the tree, got stuck himself at the same position on the tree in the end. The failed attempts and the continuing self-confidence of Dad are surely funny.