NCERT English - Class 7

An Alien Hand

Chapter 2: Bringing up Kari


Answer the following questions:

Question 1:

The enclosure in which Kari lived had a thatched roof that lay on thick tree stumps. Examine the illustration of Kari’s pavilion and say why it was built that way.


Pavilion was built on a thick tree stem so that Kari would not fall on bumping against the poles.

Question 2:

Did Kari enjoy his morning bath in the river ? Give a reason for your answer.


We can say that Kari enjoyed his bath as he lay down on the sand bank while the narrator rubbed him with clean sand. However, when the narrator rubbed him with water, he squealed with pleasure.

Question 3:

Finding good twigs for Kari took a long time. Why?


It took a long time to find twigs for Kari because if the twig is mutilated, Kari would not touch it. That is why the narrator had to climb all kinds of trees to get delicate and tender twigs.

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Question 4:

Why did Kari push his friend into the stream ?


Kari had pushed his friend into the stream because a boy was lying flat on the bottom of the river. Kari had tried to save the boy and ultimately he was successful.

Question 5:

Kari was like a baby. What are the main points of comparison ?


Kari was like a baby and he had to be trained to be good. He did a lot of mischief. Like a child he played pranks, and took away all the fruits kept on the plate.

Question 6:

Kari helped himself to all the bananas in the house without anyone noticing it. How did he do it?


Kari after tasting ripe bananas, developed a taste for these. He was quite a cunning baby elephant. Now, apparently by making his trunk appear like a black snake, he would take away all the fruits.

Question 7:

Kari learnt the commands to sit and to walk. What were the instructions for each command?


Kari was taught to sit down, to walk, go slow, etc. The instruction given for sitting down was ‘Dhat’ and then Kari was pulled by the ear. It took Kari three weeks to learn ‘Dhať. The instruction given for walking was Mali’ and his trunk was pulled forward. This was a signal to walk forward. Kari learnt ‘Mali’ after three lessons.

Question 8:

What is ‘the master call? Why is it the most important signal for an elephant to learn?


Master call is a kind of strange hissing, howling sound. The sound appears as if a snake and a tiger are fighting. This call makes you get out of a jungle when everything is dark except stars in the sky. This call makes an elephant pull down the trees so that the animals are frightened.