NCERT English - Class 7

Honeycomb (Prose)

Chapter 2: A Gift of Chappals

Comprehension Check

Page 22

Question 1:

What is the secret that Meena shares with Mridu in the backyard ?


Meena tells her that they had found a kitten outside the gate that morning. The small cat was lying inside a torn football lined with sacking and filled with sand. It was a secret that their mother did not know.

Question 2:

How does Ravi get milk for the kitten ?


Ravi got the milk from Patti who wanted the tumbler back. Ravi pretended that he would wash it himself. He ran to put the milk in the coconut shell.

Question 3:

Who does he say the kitten’s ancestors are ? Do you believe him ?


The kitten’s ancestors were Mahabalipuram Rishi-cat. No, I don’t agree to it.

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Question 4:

Ravi has a lot to say about M.P. Poonai. This shows that

(i) he is merely trying to impress Mridu

(ii) his knowledge of history is sound

(iii) he has a rich imagination

(iv) he is an intelligent child.

Which of these statements do you agree/disagree to ?


(i) I agree to he is trying to impress Mridu.

Question 5:

What was the noise that startled Mridu and frightened Mahendrar ?


Lalli was learning to play on violin. The sound of kreech coming from it startled Mridu and frightened Mahendran.

Comprehension Check

Page 28

Question 1:

The music master is making lovely music. Read aloud the sentence in the text that expresses this idea.


The music-master’s notes seemed to float up and settle perfectly in to the invisible tracks of the melody.

Question 2:

Had the beggar come to Rukku Manni’s house for the first time? Give reasons for your answer.


No, he had been there many a time before. Mother was heard telling Ravi to send the beggar away as he had been coming everyday for the past week.

Question 3:

“A sharp V-shaped line had formed between her eyebrows.” What does it suggest to you about Rukku Manni’s mood?


Rukku Manni was very angry at the loss of music-master’s chappals. She could make out that the children had played a trick upon her.

Working with the Text

Question 1:

Complete the following sentences.

(i) Ravi compares Lalli’s playing the violin to

(ii) Trying to hide beneath the tray of chillies, Mahendran

(iii) The teacher played a few notes on his violin, and Lalli

(iv) The beggar said that the kind ladies of the household

(v) After the lesson was over, the music teacher asked Lalli if


(i) ….. the derailing of a train going completely off track.

(ii) …. tipped a few chillies over himself.

(iii) …. stumbled behind him on her violin, which looked quite helpless and unhappy in her hands.

(iv) …. had fed his body and soul together on for a whole week and he could not believe that they would turn him away.

(v) …. she had seen his chappals.

Question 2:

Describe the music teacher, as seen from the window.


The music-master had a bald head with a fringe of oiled black hair falling around his ears. He appeared to be a skeleton-like figure. A gold chain shone on his fluffy neck and a diamond ring gleamed on his finger. He was beating his big toe on the floor frequently as the music went on.

Question 3:

(i) What makes Mridu conclude that the beggar has no money to buy chappals?

(ii) What does she suggest to show her concern ?


(i) Mridu concluded that the beggar had no money to buy chappals as he was walking barefooted in the scorching sun. There were blisters all over his feet.

(ii) She suggests that old chappals lying in the verandah could be given to the beggar.

Question 4:

“Have you children….” she began, and then, seeing they were curiously quiet, went on more slowly, “seen anyone lurking around the verandah ?”

(i) What do you think Rukku Manni really wanted to ask ?

(ii) Why did she change her question ?

(iii) What did she think had happened ?


(i) Rukku Manni wanted to ask the children whether they had hidden the chappals anywhere.

(ii) When she saw them extremely quiet, she changed her question.

(iii) She thought that something extreme had happened in the house regarding the chappals.

Question 5:

On getting Gopu Mama’s chappals, the music teacher tried not to look too happy. Why ?


The music-master wanted to show that he was angry on the loss of his so called new and expensive chappals. Moreover he was not happy on the behaviour of the naughty children playing in the shade in the garden.

Question 6:

On getting a gift of chappals, the beggar vanished in a minute. Why was he in such a hurry to leave ?


He did so as he did not want any of the elder members to come and know about it. He must have feared if anyone came, they would take the chappals back from him.

Question 7:

Walking towards the kitchen with Mridu and Meena, Rukku Manni began to laugh. What made her laugh ?


She thought that how her brother would react on knowing that she had given his chappals to the music master.

Working with Language

Question 1:

Read the following sentences:

(a) If she knows we have a cat, Paati will leave the house.

(b) She won’t be so upset if she knows about the poor beggar with sores on his feet.

(c) If the chappals do fit, will you really not mind ? Notice that each sentence consists of two parts. The first part begins with ‘if’. It is known as if-clause.

Rewrite each of the following pairs of sentences as a single sentence. Use ‘if’ at the beginning of the sentence.

(a) Walk fast. You’ll catch the bus.

If you walk fast, you’ll catch the bus.

(b) Don’t spit on the road. You’ll be fined.

If you spit on the road, you’ll be fined.

(i) Don’t tire yourself now. You won’t be able to work in the evening.

(ii) Study regularly. You’ll do well in the examination.

(iii) Work hard. You’ll pass the examination in the first division.

(iv) Be polite to people. They’ll also be polite to you.

(v) Don’t tease the dog. It’ll bite you.


(i) If you tire yourself now, you won’t be able to work in the evening.

(ii) If you study regularly, you’ll do well in the examination.

(iii) If you work hard, you’ll pass the examination in the first division.

(iv) If you are polite to people, they’ll also be polite to you.

(v) If you tease the dog, it’ll bite you.

Question 2:

Fill in the blanks in the following paragraph. Today is Sunday. I’m wondering whether I should stay at home or go out. If I …………. (go) out, I ………….. (miss) the lovely Sunday lunch at home. If I …………….. (stay) for lunch, I………………… (miss) the Sunday film showing at Archana Theatre. I think I’ll go out and see the film, only to avoid getting too fat.


Today is Sunday. I’m wondering whether I should stay at home or go out. If I go out, Iwill miss the lovely Sunday lunch at home. If I stay for lunch, I will miss (miss) the Sunday film showing at Archana Theatre. I think I’ll go out and see the film only to avoid getting too fat.

Question 3:

Complete each sentence below by appropriately using any one of the following:

If you want to/if you don’t want to/if you want him to

(i) Don’t go to the theatre……………

(ii) He’ll post your letter…………………..

(iii) Please use my pen …………..

(iv) He’ll lend you his umbrella……..

(v) My neighbour, Ramesh, will take you to the doctor

(vi) Don’t eat it ……


(i) if you don’t want to (go)

(ii) if you want him to

(iii) if you want to

(iv) if you want him to

(v) if you want him to

(vi) if you don’t want to

Speaking and Writing

Question 1:

Discuss in sm all groups.

(i) If you want to give away something of your own to the needy, would it be better to ask your elders first ?

(ii) Is there someone of your age in the family who is very talkative ? Do you find her/ him interesting and impressive or otherwise ? Share your ideas with others in t group.

(iii) Has Rukku Manni done exactly the same as the children? In your opinion, then, is it right for one party to blame the other ?


(i) Of course, the elders must be asked before doing a charity whether it is our own as we’re not still earning members of the family. They provide the thing for our own use to give us extra facility.

(ii) Our mama is a talkative fellow, but he is not the headache of the family. His titbits thrill us in our pensive mood sometimes. He narrates us many interesting incidents to feel us light on our work load.

(iii) No doubt Rukku Manni was angry at the children who had given away the chappals to the beggar. To cover it up, she also gave away Gopu Mama’s chappals to the music master. In a sense, she did the same as the children had done. I feel that one party should not blame the other for the same action.

Question 2:

Read the following :

(i) A group of children in your class are going to live in a hostel.

(ii) They have been asked to choose a person in the group to share a room with.

(iii) They are asking each other questions to decide who they would like to share a room with. Ask one another questions about likes/dislikes/preferences/hobbies/personal characteristics. Use the following questions and sentence openings.

(i) What do you enjoy doing after school ?

I enjoy…

(ii) What do you like in general ?

I like…

(iii) Do you play any game?

I don’t like…

(iv) Would you mind if I listened to music after dinner ?

I wouldn’t…

(v) Will it be all right if I… ?

It’s fine with me…

(vi) Is there anything you dislike, particularly ?

Well, I can’t share…

(vii) Do you like to attend parties ?

Oh, I…

(viii) Would you say you are…?

I think…


(i) I enjoy going for evening games with the friends.

(ii) I like reading books specially mysterious tales.

(iii) I don’t like to play expensive and outdoor games.

(iv) I wouldn’t mind if you listened to it in a slow volume.

(v) It is fine with me till you listen to cricket commentary.

(vi) Well, I can’t share my views on this topic.

(vii) Oh, I relish parties for the variety of food.

(viii) I think I am a helping hand for the needy students.