NCERT English - Class 6

A Pact With The Sun

Chapter 6: The Monkey and the Crocodile


Question 1.The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss?

Answer:The monkey was happy living on the tree full of fruits, but wanted a companion to talk and share the fruits with him.

Question 2.What did the two friends generally talk about?

Answer:The monkey and the crocodile became good friends. They talk about birds, animals and the villagers who live nearby. They also talk about the problems faced by the villagers in growing crops.

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Question 3.Why was the crocodile’s wife annoyed with her husband one day?

Answer:The crocodile’s wife was annoyed with her husband because he stayed with the monkey for long time. His wife waited for him and managed the little crocodiles alone at home.

Question 4.Why was the crocodile unwilling to invite his friend home?

Answer:The crocodile’s wife wanted to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile was not ready to invite the monkey to his home because he was not ready to kill his dear friend.

Question 5.What did the crocodile tell the monkey midstream?

Answer:The monkey agreed to ride on the crocodile’s back and visit his home. However, in the middle of the river, the crocodile told the monkey the truth that his wife wanted to eat his heart. The crocodile told him that he has brought him to kill.

Question 6.How did the monkey save himself?

Answer:The clever monkey saved his life by playing a trick. He told the crocodile that he will meet his wife’s demand.
The monkey said that he has left his heart on the tree and need to return. The foolish crocodile returned to the tree to collect the heart. The monkey jumped on the tree and saved his life.

Question 7.What does the last sentence of the story suggest? What would the crocodile tell his wife?

Answer:The crocodile must have thought to tell his wife in a strong way how she had spoiled a good relationship between him and the monkey. There were areas where she really needs to improve and change herself.