NCERT English - Class 6

Honeysuckle (Poem)

Chapter 3: The Quarrel


Question 1.
With your partner try to guess the meaning of the underlined phrases.
  1. And somehow we fell out.
  2. The afternoon turned black.


  1. Fell out – quarrelled
  2. Turned black – was spoiled due to bad mood

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Question 2.Read these lines from the poem.
  1. One thing led to another
  2. The start of it was slight
  3. The end of it was strong
  4. The afternoon turned black
  5. Thumped me on the back
Discuss with your partner what these lines mean.


  1. The fight continued, one after the other argument afternoon became unpleasant.
  2. The cause behind the quarrel was a very minor issue.
  3. The quarrel ended on a very bitter note.
  4. The quarrel spoiled their mood and the afternoon became unpleasant.
  5. Patted on the back in a friendly manner.

Question 3.Describe a recent quarrel that you have had with your brother, sister or friend. How did it start? What did you quarrel about? How did it end?

Answer:My sister is my best friend and helps me solve all my problems. But one day, we had an argument when I told her to do my homework as I was feeling lethargic. She told me to do it myself. We continued with our fight and did not talk to each other for 5 days. I told my mother about the fight. My mother said that it was my mistake and I should apologise. I approached my sister and resolved the issue by saying sorry.