Online Study Material For Class 8, Physics, Chemistry & Maths

Product Description for Class 8

The course is an exhaustive foundation building coverage of the Class 8 Syllabus.

It is a complete study package to prepare you to ace the school exams and build the foundation for the competitive exams as well.

The course has been divided into packages of Physics for Class 8, Chemistry for Class 8, Biology for Class 8 and Mathematics for Class 8.

The package provides you with:

  1. A complete chapter wise explanation of concepts with the help of illustrations and activities.
  2. Chapter wise Essential Points and Concept Maps for a quick review of the chapter.
  3. Variety of questions such as MCQs Question Bank and Subjective type Very Short Answers, Short Answers & Long Answers based on each topic.
  4. Chapter wise Champ set of questions having Assertion and Reasoning , Comprehensions and Match the following to enhance your understanding.
  5. Solved Examples in each chapter to strengthen the concepts of a chapter.
  6. Chapter wise Solved Questions of NCERT book.
  7. Solved NCERT Exemplar Questions for the champs of the Champstreet.

In short, the course helps you enjoy and understand your syllabus,gain confidence and is your full-time guide and partner.


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