Online Study Material For Class 6, Physics, Chemistry & Maths

Product Description for Class 6

The course is an exhaustive foundation building coverage of the Class 6 Syllabus.

It is a complete study package to prepare you to ace the school exams and build the foundation for the competitive exams as well.

  • The package consists of a FREE Section accessible after Login. It consists of:
    • FREE complete chapter wise study material with explanation of concepts through illustrations and activities.
    • FREE chapter wise 'Concept Maps' for a quick review of the chapter.
    • Free class 6 Maths NCERT solutions.
    • Free class 6 Science NCERT solutions.
  • As you progress with your preparation there are Practice based on Class 6 NCERT Syllabus with a variety of questions like::
    • MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
    • Assertion and Reasoning
    • Comprehension based questions
    • Match the following
    • True and False
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Very Short Answers
    • Short Answers
    • Long Answers
  • Solved Examples in each chapter are provided to strengthen the concepts of a chapter.
  • A special section of NCERT Exemplar questions with detailed solutions has been added for the champs of the Champstreet.
  • In short, the course helps you enjoy and understand your syllabus, gain confidence and is your full-time guide and partner.

    Happy Learning!