1-to-1 Live Tuitions For Math

One-to-one online tutoring has been a revolutionary idea that has been utilized by numerous online institutions in recent times or the pandemic. There is no need for mass coaching, and interactions with instructors that are 1- to-1 live online classes . In  1-to-1 online classes only work with one student at a time, with sessions lasting between 30 minutes and 1 to 2 hours. A student can connect with their instructor in real time via a computer or tablet. 

Technology improvements have enabled teachers to continue their classes through the internet and students to complete their education.  As more people become aware of the benefits of one-on-one online tuitions, there is an increasing demand for online tutoring platforms that keep up with educational technology advancements. 

1. Full attention to students:

We frequently hear parents complain about their children’s lack of attention in school and even in tuition. It is unrealistic to demand the teacher’s full attention among almost 25 to 40 students; after all, the teacher can only do so much. But the student receives the teacher’s entire attention during one-to-one tuition classes provided by Champstreet, resulting in a fruitful session with unlimited doubt clearing sessions. It will not only help students to understand concepts well but also ace the examinations. They can enjoy a distraction-free environment with highly skilled hi-tech teachers, which is crucial to the learning process.

2. Access to the best teachers with no locational constraints: 

Children get the opportunity to learn from the Subject matter experts from in and around India that are highly qualified and gave us personalized attention and learning. Champstreet ensures hassle-free experience and helps the children to get better clarity and understanding on important maths chapters. Teacher will help the student to cover important topics as well as CBSE exam papers which cover a lot of topics or questions from NCERT and Exemplar. Teachers also take revision classes of earlier topics covered in november and december as these are must for practice from exam point of view to get good grades in the exams.

3. Study anytime, anywhere:

The 1-on-1 tutoring sessions can be managed by the teacher and the student based on their availability and convenience. The flexibility of class hours will no longer be reliant on the bulk of students in attendance, allowing for a stress-free learning experience throughout the course. You can learn and attend online classes anywhere anytime from the comfort of your home. Champstreet allows you to learn at your own convenience and at your own pace. You can easily access study materials and take on 1-to-1 live classes at our own convenience. You can ask doubts anytime, anywhere and also the quality delivered is top class. 

4. Classes monitored on regular basis:

One of the primary benefits of one-to-one online tuition classes is that parents can easily track their child’s progress from the comfort of their own homes. Teachers give parents detailed feedback on their child’s progress and suggest areas for improvement. Teacher’s can focus and give full attention to the child who is struggling and not practicing enough questions. Champstreet provides classes that are monitored and conducted in Live 1-to-1 Classroom mode. This ensures that the quality is delivered as per student requirements. It helped our kids to score high marks as they had deep understanding of  concepts and were able to solve questions easily. 

5. Use of technology:

Since the classrooms are live 1-to-1, the teacher- student get to interact and understand each other well which helps teachers to focus on what the student exactly wants. Concepts are explained using Powerpoint presentations and software white board. So students’ concepts are cleared and also children relate better as they are highly updated with the use of technology these days. As the classes are tailored to the student’s specific needs and ability keeping in mind that every student is unique and the grasping and learning ability of each individual is not the same. It will help the teacher to develop a study plan ahead of time and complete the course at a much faster pace. 

6. No travel time required:

With the new generation being tech-savvy, why would anyone want to travel through cities and the horrible experience of traffic when your child can learn better with Champstreet 1-to-1 online tuition classes from the comfort of their homes. He/she can utilize the time in studying the resources shared online.

7. Safety taken care: 

The most important aspect is the safety of the kids. Champstreet provides classes that are monitored and conducted in Live 1-to-1 Classroom mode. It also offers complete privacy to students and their parents, since their information is completely confidential. 


Champstreet is a well-known online platform providing 1-to-1 Online tuition platform to students for class 6th to 10th. ChampStreet stands out from the rest as we hold a gracious 10 years of experience in this EdTech industry and have vast experience in education and technology. We also provide a 360 degree study material for Maths for classes 6th to 10th. Our aim is to improve 6th to 10th outcomes for all students so that they score well in the exams with flying colors and make learning more intuitive, more interesting, more personalized, more affordable at the same time give hassle free experience. 

1-on-1 Tutoring will also encourage students to become independent learners and manage their own time. With the advancement of technology, online tutoring has become the best way to study and explore while having the flexibility of time and location. It will  boost your confidence and academic performance by mastering topics. With regular feedback, individualized attention, and creative assessment methods, you can be assured that the students will imbibe the skills needed to excel the exams. We advise students to start revising and learning with our experts before the final exams approaches!


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