How Can I Crack Competitive Exams Like NEET, JEE, etc Better With Champstreet?

A strong foundation of concepts is needed from an early age if you want to crack competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, AIIMS etc. and if your concepts are not clear at the initial stage then how are you going to succeed in future competitive exams?

That is why; Champstreet’s foundation course provides a strong base from the initial stage of a child’s education by simplifying the complex concepts and making the student competent enough to handle competitive exams. When you start early, you have almost four years for the strategies and general tips to be applied.

Champstreet’s Foundation course is designed for students preparing for the competitive exam at the base level. They cover the complete syllabus of NCERT books, which carries exam information, complete theory based on NCERT and competitive exam syllabus along with questions for assessment.  Solutions of NCERT textbook exercises are added in their content for a better grade in the class. The level of the questions varies from basic to complex keeping in mind the various Olympiad and engineering entrance exams. Almost all types of question format (Objective and subjective) are covered in their course.

Their course will help students to develop the application and problem-solving skills necessary for easy solving of future entrance tests. The content has been developed keeping in mind the various board/school examinations and other competitive examinations such as PETs, JEE, NTSE, Olympiads, etc. You can study their content along with school books to score more in any exam.

Champstreet’s Foundation courses aim to make students competent enough to handle the competitive exams. Their simplified theories help in building a strong foundation of the concepts. Moreover, these theories are followed by the solved examples that enhance further grasp of the theory.  In all, their foundation course is designed that can help you master the concepts.

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  • August 31, 2020 at 8:43 am

    That’s a nice concept of teaching and should be followed by others too, to help students to have a knowledge about the basic fundamentals of any subject that they study.


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