The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb!

“Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you. You should develop yourself so much that you become bigger than the mountains you face.” – Idowu Koyenikan

Do you often feel?

“I have done enough practice on the Questions of ‘ Square Roots” I am going to score full in this Unit Test.”

But on the day of your Test when you see the test paper, you either find some questions unfamiliar, or you are confused with the correct method or answer.

No matter how mundane it may sound, we cannot stress enough on the need for more practice, and more questions from the correct source.

For scoring good in your School exams, for securing a position in Olympiads, for aiming selection in competitive exams like NEET, BITSAT, IIT, KVPY and others, the only thing that works is ‘Practice and Revision’.

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Let’s understand why solving more and more questions/ Mock tests to secure a good position in the above exams is important.

Reason 1. You are not prepared. Imagine a mountaineer, planning to climb Everest without enough physical fitness, no weight training, and no core strength. Would he succeed? No! Similarly, not solving enough questions on the topic increases your chances that you will encounter unfamiliar questions that take up a major chunk of your time and you will end up with a failed mission.

Reason 2. You don’t make silly mistakes. The probability of doing those silly mistakes like copying wrong numbers from the question, missing to attempt the 2nd part of question, simple calculation mistakes etc. can be very well avoided through practice, as our mind gets trained on not repeating them and is more alert while giving exams.


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Reason 3. Better Time Management. A major issue that students are concerned about is Time Management, as most of us end up spending more time in certain sections of the paper with unfamiliar questions, silly mistakes and then not getting the answer right, hurrying up in the last section of the paper thereby goofing it up completely.  All this again adds up to the same solution‘more practice’ and thereby sticking to defined time in each section and getting enough time in the end to recheck your answers.



Reason 4. Practice and attempt 1 or 2 Unit Test papers. As discussed above, studying terrain that you will trot is must for every traveler. You as a student need to know well, the sections, the difficulty level, the marks attached to questions, how much to write in each question, where to give examples, diagrams, etc. based on the marks the question carries. We often end up writing too much as we know a lot around a certain topic and we want to retch it out all, as we have learnt all of that. Well that’s not a smart and a topper’s way of writing an exam. You need to know how much , when , why for each question based on its marks and questions body. The best way to do this is to practice more Unit Tests of the topic and see whether you are able to complete in the stipulated time or not.

Reason 5. Have Strong concepts and that will take you far. Building up the right concept in the foundation years is a major consideration that decides what stream you will choose later in 11th. If you have not paid enough attention to your concepts of Science and Maths right from grade 6th, it’s definite that you will be scared to opt for Science and Maths later. Remember “Rome was not built in a day” We as parents and students often give the name on ‘Lack Of Interest in Science and Maths’ to our lack of clarity of concepts. When we are not clear with our concepts, we don’t enjoy what we don’t understand, and finally, we just name it as “Lack Of Interest”.


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Reason 6.

Reason 1 . Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.

Imagine a mountaineer aiming to Climb Everest without the knowledge of the terrain, the weather conditions etc. Not knowing the pattern of the question Paper, the marks that each section carries, not being prepared for the time limit of the exam, you are definitely in for some surprises. Please attempt the Unit Tests given in each chapter on that have been prepared for your final check to see that you know your paper well. The Unit Test has sections carrying 1 marker, 2 marker, 3 marker and 4 marker questions to give you a good practice of the Unit/Assessment test. offers Chapter-wise packages for Math and Science for classes 6,7,8,9,10 . Now purchase any chapter at just Rs.299/- and access explanatory videos for concept clarity, A large questions bank to master the topic, questions requiring Higher Order Thinking Skills to prepare for competitive exams at later stages, NCERT solutions to score well in school exams.

With this wishing you all success in your exams. May Good Luck be in your favor, and your preparation brings fantastic outcomes.


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