How to Solve Aptitude Questions in An Easy Way

“How to solve aptitude questions in an easy way?”. Well, that is one question which crosses almost everyone’s mind at least once. Every now and then we keep looking for different tricks and methods to solve these kinds of questions as quickly as possible. Some of us find it easy, some of us look to achieve better results through practice. Some of us also tend to struggle a bit before finding our right pace and techniques. We also keep pricking Google in order to find the right answers. A number of articles on the internet provide you with the tricks and techniques to make life easier for you. However, there are some other things which you must keep in mind in order to achieve your goal. In this blog, we will provide you some essential steps which are often overlooked.
These steps, if kept in mind and practiced accordingly will certainly improve your overall performance.
1- Divide the questions into the categories of Easy, Moderate and Hard in terms of difficulty. The easy questions will take less time to solve as compared to the hard ones. In this way, try solving these questions by setting your own time limits.
2- Try to find out more than one method to solve the same question. It will help you to decide which is the easier and the faster way.
3- Identify your strong and weak areas. Make your strong areas stronger and improve on your weak areas.
4- Last but not the least, do a lot of practice. There is no shortcut for it.
Some examples of the questions along with their solutions are as follows:-

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Once there was a merchant in the city of Baghdad. His name was Balthazar. Balthazar was very rich and famous. However, he was also very cruel and wicked. The whole city was under his terror and nobody could raise his voice against him. One day, in the supermarket, he saw a stranger staring at him from across the street. The stranger had his face covered and Balthazar could only see his dark black eyes constantly staring at him. The stranger, unlike other people of the city showed no signs of fear or terror. Balthazar started walking towards him. He crossed the street and standing next to him he asked “Who are You?”. The stranger uncovered his face, turned towards Balthazar and said “I am death!”. Listening to this, Balthazar started trembling with fear. He started running away from the stranger and the stranger kept looking at him.

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Q1- Balthazar, on his horse rode his way to the city of Samarra which was very far from Baghdad. It took him 20 hours to complete the journey. If the average speed of the horse was 25 km/hr, find out how far was the city of Samarra from Baghdad.
(a) 450 km
(b) 500 km
(c) 100 km
(d) 250 km
Answer: (b) The formula which will be used here is:-
Speed = Distance/Time;
So Distance = Speed × Time
Time taken by Balthazar= 20 hrs;
Speed of the horse= 25 km/hr;
Distance = 20×25 = 500 km.
Once he reached Samarra, Balthazar started feeling safe there. He thought that Death will not be able to find him here and started roaming around freely. While he was roaming around, he found a beautiful garden in the center of the city. He decided to go inside the garden. Inside the garden, he sat on a bench and started relaxing. He took a nap and suddenly woke up when he realized somebody was sitting beside him. Rubbing his eyes, he looked to his right to find the grim figure of Death smiling at him. He said “All right. I give in. But tell me one thing, why did you look surprised when you saw me in Baghdad?”. “Because I had an appointment with you after 10 hours here in Samarra. I was waiting here for you to come. This is the end of your evil deeds and now you shall come with me.”, Death replied.
Q2- If Death took 10 hrs to reach Samarra from Baghdad, at what speed was it travelling?
(a) 25 km/hr
(b) 30 km/hr
(c) 50 km/hr
(d) 45 km/hr
Answer: (c) Speed = Distance/Time;
Distance = 500 km;
Time = 10 hrs;
Speed = 500/10 = 50 km/hr.
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