Frequently Asked Questions | Champstreet


1. How do I Register?
To register you need to click on " Signup for Free " link present on the top right corner and specify a mobile number and a password. Please provide a valid mobile number here as we will be sending an OTP to validate it.
2. I am unable to Login with my email/mobile-number and password.
It could be because of slow connectivity or incorrect login id or password. Please make sure that you have registered before you try to login. You can also send us your query on
3. I don't remember my password. Please help.
Don't worry. Here's what you need to do:
  • Click the "Forgot Password" link available in the login window present on the top right corner.
  • Enter your email-id/Mobile-Number in the displayed field. We will send you a new password in your email/SMS. You can change the password by loggin-in and clicking on "Change Passsword" inside My Profile.
4. Where can I see all the content?
All the content is available in the 'My Test Bank' section. The Test bank contains all the free and locked content.You can purchase the interactive content from here.
5. Can I try the questions before buying?
Yes, you can try our NCERT Solutions for free and get the experience of our platform. NCERT Solutions for all chapters are available under "My Test Bank".
6. How do I purchase?
It's simple. Just click on the required content, and follow the simple steps of the payment gateway. Ensure you are connected to the internet. Rest assured it is absolutely secure.
7. For how long is the purchased content vaild?
Purchased content is valid till the end of current academic year. In case of 2 year and 3 year subscription, the content is valid for 2 and 3 years respectively.
7. What are the different modes of payment available?
You can use any one of the following payment methods:
  • Credit card (Visa/ Master/ Amex)
  • Debit card (All leading bank debit cards)
  • Netbanking (For all leading banks)
8. I purchased from the mobile app. Will the content be available on the web portal?
All our applications and web portal are seamlessly integrated. You will be able to use the books purchased from mobile applications on the web portal and vice-versa.
9. How is the online portal different from the physical books we purchase?
The online content is interactive content. It comes with many features specially prepared to help you practice and prepare for your syllabus.It comes with easy and secure online payment.You can 'flag' questions as important which get saved in revision section. You get instant report of your attempt and know the correct answers. You can track your performance in terms of multiple attempts and your scores across different tests through 'Analysis' graphs.

In addition we keep organizing and launching lot of interesting contests, promotions and quizzes, which are applicable only for online portal and the mobile apps.
10. Is the content good for regular studies also?
The Champstreet content is based on chapters of the class-wise syllabus. It is a question bank for various chapters, which will help your child prepare for regular syllabus also.
11. I don't want to receive any e-mails from you anymore. What should I do?
Sorry if we have been bothering you.
You can unsubscribe from our e-mails by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the e-mail you have received from us.
12. Why should I download Champstreet mobile app if I am using Champstreet web portal?
The app is very useful as it helps you prepare for your syllabus in a very convenient way.
You can download the app on your android smartphone and use the app with the same login of web portal,and vice versa (the purchased books get automatically downloaded on your phones). The app on the phone becomes available to you whenever and wherever you want to, even without any connectivity.
The app goes with you wherever you go so is always handy whenever you wish to use it.
You keep getting information of various contests and events taking place related to NCERT and CBSE.