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Subject :Chemistry    Class : Class 6

Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes.

Column I Column II
(i) Ginning (A) Cleaning and
the fibres
(ii) Combing (B) Brushing and
straightening of
(iii) Carding (C) Bolls
(iv) Seed pods (D) Cotton fibres
after being
separated from
(v) Lint (E) Separating
fibres from seeds

A(i) - (E); (ii) - (B); (iii) - (A); (iv) - (C); (v) - (D)
B(i) - (D); (ii) - (E); (iii) - (B); (iv) - (A); (v) - (C)
C(i) - (E); (ii) - (A); (iii) - (B); (iv) - (C); (v) - (D)
D(i) - (D); (ii) - (A); (iii) - (B); (iv) - (C); (v) - (E)

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