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Subject :Chemistry    Class : Class 6

Those substances through which things can be seen, are called transparent. On the other hand there are some materials through which you are not able to see. These materials are called opaque. The materials through which objects can be seen, but not clearly, are known as translucent. We can therefore group materials as opaque, transparent and translucent. Shopkeepers usually prefer to keep eatables in transparent containers of glass or plastic so that buyers can easily see these items. While you cannot tell what is kept in a closed wooden box, a cardboard or a metal container.
Which statement is not true about opaque substances?

A Opaque substances absorb most of the light falling on them.
B We cannot see the objects through opaque substances.
C A mirror is an opaque substance.
D Opaque substances reflect most of the light falling on them.

The answer is showing wrong.

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