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Subject :Physics    Class : Class 7

In this section each question contains statements given in two columns which have to be matched. Statements (p, q, r, s, t) in Column-I have to be matched with statements (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) in Column-II.

A p-(ii), q-(iii), r-(i), s-(iv)
B p-(iii), q-(ii), r-(iv), s-(i)
C p-(iii), q-(iv), r-(ii), s-(i)
D p-(i), q-(ii), r-(iii), s-(iv)

No image is provided. Kindly verify

Ans 1:

Class : >Class 8
cant see the match the following table

Ans 2:

Class : >Class 8
The image was not shown/given/visible

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